Annual Harvest 2018

    Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th July 2018
    10:00am - 4:00pm
      (last admission to field at 3.30pm)

    Pick Your Own Lavender Flowers

    Pick bunches of lavender to take home for

    * floral decoration
    * herbal remedies
    * culinary use
    * drying to scent rooms and linen
    * giving as gifts
    * using in handmade soaps, cream, lotions etc
    * making lavender  crafts such as lavender bags, paper, pouches, candles, door stops, pillows
    * charity stall makes


    Price Guide - examples of bunch prices will be available to see on the day - very small bunches are just £2.

    Lavender Flowers on stems
    * small
    * medium
    * loosely-filled bucket
    * densely-filled bucket

    Lavender Bunches ready picked for you will also be available in a variety of sizes

    Medium Hand-tied
    Large Hand-tied

    Scissors loan - £1 refunded on return (or you can bring your own)



    Family Activities - free for accompanied children

    * pick lavender while enjoying exploring in the field
    * take part in the Big Butterfly Count

    *spot bees, birds, ladybirds and butterflies
    * catch rosemary beetles (lavender's natural enemy, we need to eliminate them by hand)
    * learning about taking lavender cuttings

    * making dried lavender bags for us

    Pay-as-you-go Activities

    * face painting



    Stalls for 2018 still to be confirmed

    Stalls for 2017 were...

    *Award winning aromatherapy skincare & room sprays locally made by Louisa from Just Be Natural including a unique Carshalton Heritage Lavender range

    * Handmade Lavender Crafts
    * Taster Massages & Reflexology
    * Local beekeepers & Honey products
    * Soaps from Shop with Love

    * Lavender plants
    * Food & Refreshments - WHAM BAM Mother Bhumi & The Brook
    * Glass by Sarah Walsh (Sat only)
    * Pottery & Ceramics by Selsdon Ceramics
    * Chutneys, Jams and Jellies from Susie's Kitchen (Sat only) & Koula (Sun only)
    * Facepainting - Charleen Hunter
    * Ice Cream
    * Sew Beautifully Pink - unique handmade items
    * Patchwork - Amanda Wilkes
    * Honestly Delicious Chocolate - Fiona Scott (Sun Only)
    * Raw Delights - healthy vegan snacks
    * Flax Farm - flaxjacks, flaxseed oils & supplements
    * Corner Gallery - free scented art activities for children  (Sun only)

    Lavender sales by Carshalton Lavender volunteers including

    * fresh lavender

    * hand-tied floristry bunches

    * lavender plants - various varieties

    * NEW Carshalton Heritage Lavender Soap

    * lavender books - history, products, recipes

    * lavender essential oil (as distilled in the field)

    * lavender floral water (room spray/linen water)

    * lavender bread & shortbread & meringues (while stock lasts)

    * keyrings and more

    In the Field

    Photo opportunities -

    * the field is a sea of lavender blue when in flower, so very photogenic
    * find a quiet corner to photograph friends and family
    * a great chance to make a study of bees and butterflies

    In The Field

    * be part of the centuries-old tradition of gathering at the harvest to celebrate nature's sights and smells among the fragrant lavender
    * watch demonstrations of lavender oil distillation
    * bring some lavender from the field to the still and soak up the smell of the aromatic steam wafting through the air as the liquid gold is extracted from the lavender flowers
    * learn about our lavender heritage and traditions during the demonstrations
    * see photos of London's historic lavender industry
    * chat with current volunteers and learn about how to help continue that heritage through practical work in the field and more sedentary volunteering opportunities such as
    * taking cuttings
    * making up lavender bunches
    * packing dried lavender buds
    * setting up/ manning our stall at local produce markets
    * see how areas of the field are being regenerated to replace the older plants
    *see the different varieties of lavender growing in the display area